These products can cause bad mood

Ці продукти можуть стати причиною появи поганого настрою

Some foods can negatively affect our mood

Nutritionists around the world have long recommended – if you want to get rid of anger, improve your mood and chase away the sadness, then the first step that you should do is to eat.

Eating in General stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones of happiness. However, not all products really lift our spirits.
American scientists have compiled a list, which consists of seven products that can spoil the mood of the person. From them experts recommend to reject.

1. Chips. They contain some very harmful acid and the carcinogen acrylamide. These substances have on our body very negative impact – they block the endorphins. The human brain required a constant flow, and once it is broken, the loss of mood is guaranteed.

Ці продукти можуть стати причиною появи поганого настрою

From chips definitely should be abandoned

2. Ham. Industrially produced ham contains large amounts of sugar, salt, fillers, preservatives and nitrates, which by themselves can cause a bad mood, acting on the human digestive system.

3. Sweet soft drinks. A surge in blood sugar after eating foods subsequently ends and fall, causing mood swings. Sweet soft drinks are traditionally considered to be one of the potential factors in the development of depression.

Ці продукти можуть стати причиною появи поганого настрою

Sugary drinks negatively affect the blood sugar

4. Margarine. Surprisingly, it actually contains industrial fatty acids omega-6 and despite the fact that scientists have long dispute about this product and what do you think about benefit or harm, a number of tests have confirmed that it can really affect the mood.

5. Processed pumpkin seeds. It contains potassium bromate, which blocks the absorption of iodine by the thyroid gland. Also considered by doctors as one of the strongest products with the potential to spoil the mood of the person. However, pumpkin seeds usually worsens mood in the short term.

Ці продукти можуть стати причиною появи поганого настрою

Pumpkin seeds can also spoil your mood

6. Bagels. With the caveat – when you start with them. Generally consumed at Breakfast lion’s dose of carbohydrates is not recommended, because the body fully wakes up much later than the brain and digestive system need more time to digest all this large amount of carbohydrates. The result is production of hormones mood will be disturbed.

7. Salty peanuts. You think that the nuts can’t be anything harmful? You are mistaken, because salted peanuts may contain monosodium glutamate, and also a huge number of food additives. Surprisingly, this product is also capable of negatively affect mood.

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