These products block the production of the “male” hormone

Эти продукты блокируют выработку «мужского» гормона

That reduces libido.

The composition and amount of hormones in the male and female body are very different, therefore, the power must be different. After all, some products block the production of testosterone — the main male hormone, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Testosterone has a huge impact on the quality of the potency of the stronger sex, active in sex life and fertility, maintaining muscle and bone of the skeleton.

One of the most dangerous for men products — fats, their consumption should be approached very carefully. Omega-6 excessive consumption harmful to the testicles and reduce their size. Taiwanese researchers found that flour and baking contribute to the formation of fat, and reducing muscle mass.

Scientists named products, which increases the risk of premature death

Another enemy of testosterone — meats, more precisely, its excess in the diet. Detrimental effect on a male hormone and alcohol, contributing to the production of estrogen. Extremely useful for men green vegetables and herbs, except for mint — this herb blocks the necessary men hormones.

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