These products are better not to eat on an empty stomach

Эти продукты лучше не есть натощак

Nutritionists do not recommend.

Abdominal pain and gastrointestinal disease – it could be the result of the fact that in the morning on an empty stomach was eaten the wrong foods. Experts in the field of food called the types of products that should not be consumed on an empty stomach, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Foods that cause growth acid. Coffee, sweets, canned food, sausage – all of these foods, eaten on an empty stomach, cause active secretion of acid in it. The habit of eating them on an empty stomach can lead to the development of painful cramps, heartburn, gastritis. With the existing gastritis and ulcer pathological condition can worsen.

Fruit. Saturated with sugar and acid fruits, eaten on an empty stomach, can cause a lot of trouble. A surge of sugar and insulin in the blood, possible damage to mucous membranes – it is possible to get hungry after eating an Apple or an orange. Fans of fruit experts suggest to combine them with cheese, cheese or yogurt. So it is possible to avoid a sharp rise of glucose, and this mix gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Sharp. Meals that contain a lot of spices, is also not suitable for use on an empty stomach. According to doctors, acute food should enter the stomach when the wall is already protected. Such protection authority provide dairy products.

Flour desserts and pastries. Prepared cakes and pies in large numbers inhabiting the shelves, are produced using additives. this may include food colorings, emulsifiers, flavorings, stabilizers and acidifying agents. Even homemade cakes are not immune from the content of such additives, which may be in dry baking mixes, creams, processed foods, margarine and so on. The use of these products on an empty stomach may cause an exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly gastritis.

A number of products that can improve memory and brain function

Crackers, chips, dried. The main problem with these snacks is that they are “fast” carbohydrates that dramatically increase the level of blood sugar. While they are not vitamins and proteins, which would slow down the production of glucose. What to eat on an empty stomach store-bought cookies or drying, it is better to eat a sandwich from a piece of whole grain bread with Turkey or chicken.

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