These plants can replace antidepressants

Названы растения, способные заменить антидепрессанты

The doctors found an alternative to antidepressants.

The aroma of the plants is recommended to inhale during stress, writes the with reference to

Many people in the modern world are taking antidepressants. These substances calm the nervous system, but most of them have side effects. Doctors have found more effective and safe way to get rid of anxiety.

Scientists the staff of Kagoshima University in Japan conducted a study on mice found that lavender is a sensible alternative to medication for worry and anxiety, as it can reduce the body’s response to stress.

Japanese experts found, the smell of lavender helped to relax the rodent. Scientists believe such an impact this plant will have on people. Japanese scientists say that this applies only to those who have no runny nose and is breathing well nose. The positive effect of lavender can be obtained only inhaling its aroma. This herb calms the nervous system thanks to the contained substances.

Soon lavender can replace standard medicines from anxiety disorders. It also relaxes well, but it does not lead to negative consequences as a classic tablet.

This plant prevents the development of hormonal disruptions and is able to correct congenital defects, e.g., breast growth in men also helps to improve memory.

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The scent of lavender is recommended to inhale before surgery to doctors and patients, because they and others are experiencing a lot of stress.

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