These countries, where every day from snake bites dies 200 people

Названы страны, где ежедневно от змеиных укусов умирает 200 человек

The world health organization developed a strategy to reduce mortality.

From snake bites worldwide every day killed about 200 people. According to the world health organization from the bites annually affects 5.8 million people, according to the with reference to TSN.

The who, the world each year 5.8 million people were exposed to the bites of snakes, half of which are poisonous. From snake venom die every day 220-380 people — from 80 thousand to 138 thousand per year. Even those who survived the snake bite, often become disabled and they have to amputate the limb.

Most often the victims of bites are children and farmers from poor rural communities in Asia and Africa. There clinics are usually poorly equipped and in many countries or do not have the necessary antitoxins, or they are ineffective.

As reported on the website of the UN on may 7, the who launched a new strategy which should help for 12 years to halve the mortality or incidence of disability associated with the bites of poisonous snakes.

The new strategy aims to raise awareness about where are poisonous snakes, what they look like and what you need to use the antidote, and where they can be purchased. In this strategy, the who will also facilitate research to improve diagnostic methods and develop new more effective antivenoms.

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Recall, may 28, Zhytomyr region 9-year-old boy in the field was bitten by a Viper. According to the state administration, a victim of the reptiles became a resident Levkov village, the snake bitten child in the left lower limb in the field. Now the boy is under the supervision of doctors, his condition is satisfactory.

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