These amazing dishes can only make a caring mother (PHOTO)

Even the most noxious child will refuse to eat this stuff.

If your child constantly refuses to eat, our photo galleries will help you to awaken the interest of the baby to food!

Laleh, Mehmedi 2015 has a blog, writes the with reference to the Commander in chief.

In its pages she publishes pictures of their culinary masterpieces and inspire parents around the world to creatively approach the process of feeding their children. And it all started quite by accident.

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Little son of Laleh refused porridge and feeding the baby turned into a torture for both. But, one day, Laleh decided to make a dinner dish into something colorful and bright. And she managed to create from simple ingredients funny cartoon character.

The idea was so much like mother, the same son, and since then, Laleh quite far advanced in this art — it has already cooperated with such studios as Disney, Nickelodeon and universal. With the help of his work, Laleh tries to inspire parents and children to eat properly, and by example show that it can be very fun.

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Take a look at this compilation and see for yourself!









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