These actions and a super diet will keep the brain young

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 These activities and a super diet will keep the brain young

Brain health expert Mark Milstein talks about a super diet and a series of physical actions that will save the “master computer” A person is young, and cognitive functions are sharp.

The 80-year-old specialist, who feels great for his age, wrote about this in an article published in CNBC.

According to Milstein, the human brain is about 70% water, which helps it maintain optimal function. In this regard, after waking up, instead of the usual cup of coffee for many, the expert drinks a large glass of water to nourish the gray matter. Then he takes a 10-minute walk in the fresh air, after which he goes to breakfast. The first meal should be high in protein.

For breakfast, he eats unsweetened Greek yogurt, berries and nuts, greens smoothies and tacos with scrambled eggs. While the expert drives the children to school, he asks them about their studies, which benefits his brain activity, since the new information is not related to his specialty.

Milstein performs the most complex and creative work in the first half of the day, while concentration is at its highest. In the process, he takes a break every 30 minutes for stretching and simple exercise.

In the summer, he goes swimming, as it boosts energy, memory and cognitive abilities. He has lunch with his family at least once a week, as social interaction also helps brain function.

For lunch, his super diet includes a whole-grain bread sandwich with herbs and roast meats with lean meats and vegetables. He occasionally indulges in favorites such as chicken or tofu fajita, grilled chicken with sweet potatoes, and salmon with fried root vegetables.

baseball, as the brain enjoys a range of physical activities. It also goes for walks in the park, as parts of the brain associated with stress can be calmed by being in nature.

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