There will be no joint investigation into the causes of damage to Nord Stream

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 There will be no joint investigation into the causes of damage to Nord Stream

Sweden withdrew from the joint investigation team to determine the causes of leaks in the Nord Stream gas pipelines; and Nord Stream 2, which she was part of along with Germany and Denmark, said on Friday, October 14, Der Spiegel.

According to the publication's sources, Stockholm motivated its decision by the fact that the results of the investigation are “too secret” to share them with other countries. Previously, Sweden refused to share such information with the Russian Federation.

Some time later, a similar decision was made by the Danish authorities, the ARD TV channel reports. This means that now each country will conduct an investigation independently. German law enforcement agencies still continue to hope for some cooperation on this issue with their Swedish counterparts.

Meanwhile, the federal police and the German Navy have completed the first phase of the investigation, which took place in the waters near the Danish island of Bornholm, where the leaks occurred. The two German warships involved in the operation have already returned to port. Divers and explosives specialists were on board the ships However, in the end, the divers were not involved, because they did not have equipment to dive to a depth of 70 meters.

The damage to the gas pipeline pipes was recorded by an underwater drone of the Bundeswehr.ARD, citing sources in government circles, reports that one of the photographs show a hole 8 meters long. Such a hole could only be formed as a result of the use of explosives, sources say. Two holes were found in each of the two gas pipelines. The photographs were handed over to the Federal Prosecutor's Office of Germany, which a few days ago began an investigation into sabotage on gas pipelines. Investigative actions are ongoing.

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