There will be no Arab demographic bomb: Israel has a high birth rate

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 There will be no Arab population bomb: Israel has a high birth rate

Israel will become the only Western democracy with a relatively high birth rate. The country's prosperous demographics provide for stronger national security (large classes of recruits), a growing economy, and a more assertive foreign policy, writes jns .

Contrary to the predictions of the demographic establishment in the late 19th century and the 1940s, the Jewish birth rate in Israel is higher than in all Muslim countries except Iraq and sub-Saharan Muslim countries. According to recent data, the Jewish birth rate, at 3.13 births per woman, higher than the 2.85 Arab birth rate (since 2016) and the 3.01 Arab Muslim birth rate (since 2020).

The study is the result of continued urbanization and modernization, with an increase in the number of women entering higher education institutions and an increase in the use of contraceptives.

The Jewish state did not face a “demographic time bomb” in Judea and Samaria, but enjoys a strong demographic tailwind aided by immigration.

However, the demographic and political establishment persists in repeating the official Palestinian figures without verification, ignoring the 100% artificial inflating of these population figures. This inflation is achieved by including overseas residents, double counting Jerusalem Arabs and Israeli Arabs married to Arabs from Judea and Samaria, overestimated birth rates and underreported death rates.

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