There will be a surprising group of Plastics in Hlavs’s seventies

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There will be a surprising group of Plastics in Hlavs’s seventies

At the event, which begins at 5 pm, Hlavs’ key band The Plastic People of The Universe will play, in which he was a bandleader, bassist and composer for most of his musical life. Due to recent personnel changes and the division of the legendary brand years ago into two different ensembles, the organizers promise a surprising set of Plastics.

The action was postponed several times due to a pandemic.

“This is the fourth date, Mejla had his 70th birthday in March,” said Vladimír Drápal from Guerilla Records. For the first time in the Ark, the series albums Plastic People, on which Hlavsa played, will be presented in a new sound and graphic design. Guerilla Records acquired the rights to them at the end of last year.

“When we published Sculptures for the first time, they were christened by Václav Havel. Karel Schwarzenberg for the second time and now it will be the chairman of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil, “said Drápal.

At the concert, spectators will also see other groups in which Hlavsa worked, such as Midnight, Fictional Madness, Garage & Tony Ducháček. “The BBP will also play an underground orchestra as a successor to Hlavs’s legacy and the All Tomorrow’s Parties Band as a reminder of Velvet’s source of inspiration,” Drápal added.

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