There were shots of the visit Zelensky to the front. Video

Появились кадры визита Зеленского на передовую. Видео

The head of state discussed with the soldiers living conditions, quality of food and maintenance of machinery.

In a Network there was video yesterday’s visit of President Vladimir Zelensky at the front in Luhansk oblast. Entry posted in the group Command Zelensky Facebook, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

In comments to the video States that the President talked with the men concerning the living conditions, nutrition, provision of equipment, housing and benefits package, staffing units.

Ukrainian tankers worked the flank shooting. Video

He also visited the observation post and the bunkers.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy have son ATO.

Vchora Volodymyr vpershe pobyvav on Luganschini have a quality President, ogladaj posits at the heart of a residential Stanic Lugansky I West. Z became spilkuvannya schodo of pobutovih minds, the quality harchuvannya, zabezpechennya technau, I zhitlo social package, ukomplektovana pdrandin.Volodymyr noted neophane pokraschennya zabezpechennya.Pobyvav on peredove, in particular in the post sposterezhennya blkdiag. Najblizsza position suprotivnika — for 400 meters.Also, the President zaslugam Dopod komandofoka operas Ob Gnani forces, Lieutenant-General Oleksandr Karskogo about the situation in Ryan holding OOS. Have Narad taking the fate of the chief of the General staff — Holodnokatanuju ZSU Lieutenant General Ruslan Homchak.

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