There were photos of the threat of militants from the Crimea: “captured Ukrainian vehicles”

Появилось фото опасных боевиков из Крыма: "захватывали украинские корабли"

The criminals were part of the armed “Self-defence of Crimea” and helped the Russian invaders

Militiamen have calculated the 10 members of the group, which operated during the so-called “Russian spring”. About it told the press service of the Ukrainian police in the Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol. On the Agency’s website also has photos of possible offenders.

Появилось фото опасных боевиков из Крыма: "захватывали украинские корабли"

The police investigation established the identity of 9 people. In particular, the head of the separate division “Frontier”, were part of the “Crimean Self-defence”. As well as his subordinates. All of them were declared wanted. The leader already announced their suspicion of the establishment and management of an armed formation. He faces imprisonment up to fifteen years.

Появилось фото опасных боевиков из Крыма: "захватывали украинские корабли"

As reported a press-service, he oversaw 9 other suspects acted during the seizure of Crimea in March 2014. So the militants took an active part in the armed attack on Ukrainian ships. Among them: anti-submarine Corvette of the Ukrainian Navy “Khmelnitsky”, as well as a reconnaissance craft “Slavutich”. In addition, 9 people involved in the seizure of military units and organizations of checkpoints in the Crimea. All of them can be put in jail for eight years.

Meanwhile, the occupied Crimea suffered a dangerous trouble for the Russians. Soon the ecological disaster can spill beyond the Peninsula and hit the Black sea. This was reported by “Information resistance”.

“There is a high probability of deterioration of the ecological situation in the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula. In particular in the area of Kerch. This is due to the disassembly of commercial construction companies, controlled of the Russian Federation, storage, metallurgical wastes accumulated in the result of the Kamysh-Burun iron ore plant in the context of the production of bulk materials”.

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Появилось фото опасных боевиков из Крыма: "захватывали украинские корабли"

Among other things, the invaders turned the lake bottom-and top Sherburskie-Sherburskie in the metallurgical waste dump. Store are hydraulic structures that contain toxic substances in the form of melkodispersnykh particles. The contents of phosphorus, chromium, vanadium and arsenic exceed the maximum allowable concentration in times of 30-150, depending on the locations of the sample.

All of this threatens the inhabitants of the Crimea. In addition, under the threat of extinction is the flora and fauna of the Crimea. Should the Russian authorities to gape and allow oversight at the enterprises.

We will remind, the Russian occupiers destroyed the resorts of Crimea — even the Nazis didn’t do that.

As reported Politeka, the famous silent Bay in the Crimea mutilated occupants.

Also Politeka wrote that the invaders poisoned the residents of the Crimea, that’s horrible.

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