There was an unexpected reaction of the stars of “Game of thrones” series finale. Video

Появилась неожиданная реакция звезд «Игры престолов» на финал сериала. Видео

The main character grabbed his head.

Yesterday there was a screening of the documentary film the Last patrol from HBO, which demonstrated the process of creating the final season of the television show Game of thrones. One of the passages shows the reaction of the actors on the denouement of the Saga. The video was posted on Twitter, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Attention! The text contains spoilers for the series.

One of the points demonstrates the reaction of actors when they find out that Jon snow has to kill Daenerys. At this time, the actor kit Harington, who plays snow, grabs his head. At the same time, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) will slide under the table.

The actress from “X-Men” has demonstrated its flexibility. Video

Another interesting point of the film — the applause that the actors greeted the news of the murder of King Arya of the Night.

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