There was a video of the destruction of the machinery of the invaders in the Donbas: “terrified of terrorists”

Появилось видео уничтожения техники оккупантов на Донбассе: "перепуганные террористы"

APU fighters struck the enemy forces with a drone

Volunteer Fund “come Back alive” reported about the next successful operation of Ukrainian troops in Donbass. This time the camera aircraft took off attack in detail. The volunteers posted a video on the page in Facebook.

As the author writes Andrew Rymaruk, the firing positions of the separatists recently held a soldiers of the 54th mechanized brigade. Ukrainian military noticed on the uncontrolled territory of KAMAZ truck with anti-aircraft guns on Board. And also spotted two cars that regularly drove the invaders ammunition.

Появилось видео уничтожения техники оккупантов на Донбассе: "перепуганные террористы"

Then they are sent to the positions of the enemy drone, which has helped to shoot valuable enemy equipment. At this time the soldiers ran the machine at a distance using the remote. As noted by the author, this system allows you to effectively conduct reconnaissance and adjust artillery fire. Finally, the drone camera even captures two “terrified of terrorists” in white camouflage uniforms who were trying to shoot down aircraft from a Kalashnikov.

The Fund noted that Ukrainian soldiers are going to continue to destroy any enemy equipment and force that will threaten their lives or comrades in arms. Even that which is permitted under the terms of the Minsk agreements.

Появилось видео уничтожения техники оккупантов на Донбассе: "перепуганные террористы"

Earlier fighters of the APU blew the position of the militants in a ball of fire. Specialists of the 54th mechanized brigade used a portable antitank missile complex “Le Corsaire” for the destruction of enemy fortifications in the Donbass.

As told by blogger and volunteer Yury Mysyagin, fighting had erupted near the village of Katerynivka in Luhansk region. The separatists dug in on the hill, and their position, “doing so a lot discomfort” to the Ukrainian side. Militants continuously fired from machine gun “UTES” 12.7. However, single shot and grenade launcher carried them forever.

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The soldiers posted a video on YouTube the video scene. Shell “Corsair” really reminded of fire bowling ball, which smashed the enemy’s position and “beat the strike”.

Recall that the militants fighting in the Donbas under a foreign flag: “there is proof”.

As reported Politeka, near Donetsk thundering explosions, reported fighting.

Also Politeka wrote a unique invention for the Ukrainian army created in Kharkiv.

Ukrainian viyskovi sysout waraji KAMAZ

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