There was a video natural anomalies in Russia: from gone three of the Sun

Появилось видео природной аномалии в РФ: сразу сошло три Солнца

In a Network published video as over Russia on the morning of 13 February rose three Suns

Quite understandable scientific miracle happened in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district.

“Nibiru await – and here please” jokes the author of the video.

However, all is understandable. We are talking about an optical illusion – a sun halo. It appears, as a rule, around the sun and the moon, at least – more powerful light sources (e.g. street lights). They are mostly caused by ice crystals in Cirrus clouds at a height of 5-10 km in the upper troposphere.

Появилось видео природной аномалии в РФ: сразу сошло три Солнца

Types halos are different depend on the shape and location of the crystals.

As reported, if earlier, the first country which will bring down their deadly fire power of Nibiru, called the United States – now the ufologists claim that the first “die” to Russia. The date of “death,” the recall announced on February 14.

However, the astrologer Vlad Ross has denied that the date February 14, 2019 will be fatal Nibiru will show itself.

However, he noted that this day can happen irreparable catastrophe on Earth.

Vlad Ross believes that the mysterious planet killer Nibiru is not being, and the main danger to expect from the explosive Mars and Uranus.

“In those days, planes fall, machinery breaks down, and people begin to quarrel and fight over nothing. A leak trial, a failed business projects — all this promises a combination of planets,” — says the expert.

“February 14, Mars will move into the zodiacal sign of Taurus and will dramatically lose its hostile aggressive energy… So, I think that the end of the world is canceled again. Had to come up with another number. For example, the 14th, and 12th. Why the 14th — I don’t understand. No Nibiru, we will not fear,” he concluded.

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Появилось видео природной аномалии в РФ: сразу сошло три Солнца

In addition, recall that the explosion of Nibiru on the Earth recorded in the form of a bright red flash.

Yet it was reported that conspiracy theorists claimed that the world would end on December 16, but it never happened.

Also Politeka wrote that scientist found in the Bible end of the world.

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