“There is no excuse”: the drunk head of the UFC Dana White publicly beat his wife in a nightclub

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) head Dana White punched his wife in the face at a nightclub.

The moment was caught on video .

It is clarified that this incident occurred at a New Year's party in a nightclub. According to TMZ, the UFC president danced with his wife Ann, but after a while she gave her husband a slap in the face, for which he slapped her several times in response.

In a comment to the publication, White confirmed that he raised his hand to spouse with whom he was vacationing in Mexico. According to him, he has always opposed assault, but this time the situation got out of control due to the amount of alcohol he drank.

“I'm embarrassed. It's one of those situations that is terrible. There was definitely a lot of alcohol, but that's no excuse. This has never happened before, it happened for the first time. And whatever people say, it's deserved. I deserve it,” he commented. embed]

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