There is always something to wear: 5 rules for creating a functional wardrobe

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 There is always something to wear: 5 rules for creating a functional wardrobe < /p>

In order to look stylish, fashionable and new every day, your wardrobe does not have to be immense at all, on the contrary, it can consist of a minimum of things and at the same time be as functional as possible. There are a few simple rules to follow when creating a successful wardrobe.

 There is always what to wear: 5 rules for creating a functional wardrobe

1. Your wardrobe should contain only things that are relevant today. Do not buy and store things that you cannot wear right now – this applies equally to things for which we need to shed a few extra pounds, clothes we buy in the hope that someday there will be an opportunity to wear them, and clothes that are fat, ill-fitting or look pretty worn. Such things lie for years, take up space and never find use.
2. Your wardrobe should fit your lifestyle and reflect your individual style. If your life passes between business meetings and social events, it is unlikely that jeans with holes will enrich your wardrobe, and if you are a mother of young children, spinning between work, playgrounds and clubs, a cocktail dress with an endless neckline and pumps will hardly be useful in your wardrobe. on stilettos. And in general, the thing should suit you psychologically and be comfortable in style.

 There is always something to wear: 5 rules for creating a functional wardrobe

3. Buy only things that adorn you. Fashion – not equally beautiful for everyone, it is important to know the features of your figure, to understand which styles add charm to it, and which ones are best avoided. You should buy only what fits you perfectly, emphasizes the advantages and hides the flaws. And going back to the first point, perfect for you today!
4. Pay attention to quality. Quality fabrics and cut – Another important point when creating a functional wardrobe. After all, we want our favorite, carefully selected things to serve us for more than one season and to be as comfortable as possible in them, so special attention should be paid to their quality: the cut should be such that the clothes feel like a second skin, do not sting anywhere, do not pulled, not rubbed, but fabrics, it is advisable to choose breathable, suitable for our climate.

 There's always something to wear: 5 rules for creating a functional wardrobe

5. Combine compatible.When you hold a new thing in your hands and think about whether it is worth buying, imagine in your mind what you can wear it with in your existing wardrobe. If at least three or four combinations immediately came to your mind, you can safely take it, if you have to think, then leave it in the store, you don’t need it. The perfect wardrobe – it is a kind of constructor in which everything goes well with everything and is harmoniously complemented by accessories.
By the way, there are brands that build their collections according to the basic principles of creating an ideal wardrobe, so in their stores you can build your own capsule from scratch from a small number of things. wardrobe. For example, the Israeli brand Crazy Line – just a canonical example.
Crazy Line fashion is designed for real women who combine the desire to look good with an intense everyday life – numerous responsibilities, worries and aspirations. These are real women of all ages with different types of figures, with different body features, different sizes and volumes, who want their look to be relevant and feminine. Crazy Line models are tailored exactly to emphasize the dignity of the female figure and hide what you want to hide. Many customers note the comfortable styles and the perfect cut of Crazy Line clothes and how advantageously and complementary it sits on the figure. The brand's collections always look relevant, they are distinguished by a special European chic and excellent quality. Crazy Line pays special attention to the convenience and comfort of its models in the Israeli climate: the network selects only high-quality fabrics, including natural ones, which allow the skin to “breathe”. in summer, which are pleasant on the body even in the most intense heat. All Crazy Line collections are formed according to the principle of capsules and model compatibility, which is incredibly convenient for those who like to combine and experiment on their own, and for those who prefer to be taken care of by professionals. The store space is organized in such a way that the “congenial” clothes are always there. Having chosen a beautiful top, you do not need to run to the far shelves for a skirt or trousers: all the details of the perfect set hang and lie here. Things are already united by the stylists of the network by themes and colors and are perfectly friendly in a variety of fashionable bows. And besides, there are several categories on the Crazy Line website where the brand's stylists help their customers with choosing clothes.

 There is always something to wear: 5 rules for creating a functional wardrobe

For example, in the Buy the look category, brand fans are offered all kinds of combinations of models , which demonstrate how you can create many trendy, elegant and comfortable ensembles from several pieces from the Crazy Line collection. There is also a category with tips from the brand's stylists, where you can be inspired by their designs, and a magazine where the brand publishes information about the latest fashion trends and trends.
Today, Crazy Line is one of the leading fashion houses in Israel, which has 90 branches throughout the country. Crazy Line fashion is targeted at a select audience of successful young women.

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