There is a shortage of radiologists in Israel

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 There is a shortage of radiologists in Israel

Israel is currently facing a shortage of about 250 radiologists (radiologists) who help with x-rays, CT scans and MRI.

This was stated by the chairman of the Association of radiologists Professor Ilan Shelef, in an address to the Knesset Health Committee, writes The Jerusalem Post.

Professor Shelef said the shortage is partly due to the fact that certified radiologists in Israel have preferred remote work for medical companies abroad, and not within the Israeli medical system.

As a result of this shortage, if a person is referred for a CT scan, they may have to wait up to two months for an appointment. For those waiting for an MRI, the situation is even worse – they can wait up to 8 months.

Shelef stressed that the wait does not end there. Due to the acute shortage of decryption specialists, it may take one to two months to receive the results.

“And therefore, even with the promise of additional machines, the waiting time will not be reduced, because there will be no one to decrypt. This the delay mortally harms the health of civilians and even threatens their lives,” said Ilan Shelef.

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