There is a huge traffic jam at the Upper Lars checkpoint in Georgia

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 A huge traffic jam formed at the Upper Lars checkpoint in Georgia

On the night of March 9, a multi-kilometer traffic jam formed in the direction of Russia near the Verkhniy Lars border checkpoint in Georgia. In particular, the pro-Kremlin Telegram channels Shot and Mash drew attention to this. The presence of a traffic jam is evidenced by the data of the Yandex.Maps service. and eyewitness telegram messages.

The media reported that the traffic jam was the result of ongoing mass protests in Georgia against the bill on “foreign agents”.
Probably, amid unrest in Tbilisi, the Russians decided to return back to the country”,– Shot wrote.

The RTVI TV channel reported that the checkpoint had been closed since March 5 due to bad weather conditions and a high risk of avalanches. The border was reopened on March 7, and there were a lot of Russians returning from a holiday in a ski resort in Gudauri.

At the end of September 2022, Upper Lars became the busiest border crossing in Russia, with thousands of Russians leaving the country due to for the announced “partial mobilization”. Many kilometers of traffic jams formed at the checkpoint, in which people stood for several days.

On March 7-8, mass protests were held in Tbilisi against the adoption of the draft law on “foreign agents” by the Parliament. The demonstrators tried to infiltrate the parliament to interfere with the work of the deputies. The police violently dispersed the protesters with water cannons and tear gas. On the morning of March 9, the ruling coalition announced that it was withdrawing the controversial bill due to “differences in society”.

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