There are unexplored rooms: Galkin revealed the secret of Pugacheva's mansion


Russian comedian Maxim Galkin spoke about the secret rooms and corridors in the castle of the prima donna Alla Pugacheva.

The corresponding comment was provided in Instagram-stories.

According to the publication "Newspaper. ru”, in the mansion of the prima donna of the Soviet and Russian stage “there are secret rooms and corridors like in old detective stories”.

“At the same time, they have not been studied yet! Some remained from the last century and my foot has not set foot there yet, ", — Galkin laughed it off.

To the question of “is it possible to save on a wife,” Galkin replied: “No! It's a sin”, shaking his head.

According to the showman, the famous Russian family has to pay a lot for a communal apartment.

“I won't name the amount, but it's big. Not exactly huge, but decent. I know how much I pay for gas, for electricity. I follow all this, “Galkin said in a comment to” KP “.

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