There are details of the death of a famous Russian singer, “Give not more than three months”

Появились подробности смерти известной российской певицы: "Давали не больше трех месяцев"

Star of stage underwent a lot of operations just could not stand all this horror

Less than a year ago left the life of the Russian singer Lyudmila Senchina. It is known that the actress died at the age of 67 after a long battle with cancer.

After a while the husband of the late Ludmilla senchinoj told about the extended treatment of the singer.

Lyudmila Senchina was battling cancer:

“The diagnosis she was given in 2016. She worked a lot. It all started much earlier, but found out about the cancer for 1.5 years, decided to once again examined. Ludmila didn’t want anyone to overhear, believed that people and so full of their problems,” — said the husband of Ludmila Senchina.

Появились подробности смерти известной российской певицы: "Давали не больше трех месяцев"

Doctors gave senchinoj not more than 3 months, but she lived 16 months, and went on stage literally until the last days.

It is also known that in the months of struggle with cancer, the singer underwent 16 operations, in addition to this, she constantly traveled to different medical procedures.

Despite the diagnosis, and an impressive number of transactions, the actress did not stay in the hospital and wanted to live, summed up the spouse of the deceased.

Появились подробности смерти известной российской певицы: "Давали не больше трех месяцев"

Recall that a deceased Russian singer Lyudmila Senchina was entered into the database of the site “Peacemaker”.

She was accused of public justification of the Russian aggression. March 11, 2014 she signed an appeal of culture of the Russian Federation in support of the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine and Crimea.

The artist was born in Ukraine, in the village of Kudriavy (now kudriavs’ke) in Mykolaiv region.

On the page in Facebook “Peacemaker” news of the death of the actress wryly commented: “Today, the karma of Purgatory Peacemaker and got to Ludmilla senchinoj”.

We will remind, the national actress of Russia Lyudmila Senchina, died on the morning of 25 January 2018 in one of the hospitals of St. Petersburg.

As passed Politeka, American actress and country singer Lari white, who starred with Tom Hanks in the movie “cast away”, died from a rare form of cancer.

Also died American Naomi Parker Frailey, which became the prototype of women on propaganda poster United States world war II “We Can Do It!” who later became one of the symbols of feminism.

Recall also, died the famous Soviet film and theater actor.

It is reported that he died after a long illness.

Information about the death of actor said in a Small theater, where he worked last time.

It is noted that the famous actor Oleg Martyanov died on 67-m to year of life in the Russian capital.

“He was sick for a very long time. Always feel sorry for the man when dies,” said the theatre’s artistic Director Yuri Solomin.

The theater, where Martyanov worked, expressed condolences to the families and friends of the actor.

We will remind, has left the life of “the fastest woman in the world.”

As reported Politeka, died a famous journalist who prayed for the whole Ukraine.

Also Politeka wrote that tragically took the life of the famous Ukrainian doctor, who saved hundreds of lives.

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