The young singer shot on stage: “I refused to play along with the bags”

Молодую певицу застрелили прямо на сцене: «отказалась подыграть толстосуму»

24-year-old woman humiliated, and after brutally and cold-bloodedly killed

The young singer shot dead on stage during her performances.

It is known that the incident occurred at the wedding in the town of Larkana, Pakistan. There singer SAMINA Samun acted as a guest artist.

A woman sat on a chair and sang. Then one of the guests pointed at the performer a gun and ordered to get up and dance, not sing sitting down. But SAMINA refused to get up.

It is also known that the woman was pregnant — was 6 months pregnant.

After her refusal, angry guests began to throw money. The girl had to get up.

Then one of the men, who actively demanded that the singer to get up, shot her. He was shot in the head by a rebellious singer. Camino Saman was rushed to the hospital. But to save the singer and failed.

Молодую певицу застрелили прямо на сцене: «отказалась подыграть толстосуму»

Law enforcement authorities immediately detained the alleged murderer, Please. And her widower demands to denounce the attacker for double murder girls and their unborn child.

Recall that in the Ivanovo village of Odessa region there was a terrible tragedy.

In the Orthodox Epiphany 19 January in the Odessa region the tragedy.

Killed 13-year-old Olga Kelash:

“There’s no child, and grief for us. This is our child, whom we all loved. Active, she is very friendly, sweetheart of our class. Well, what could be emotions is a disaster,” said the class teacher of the lost Snezhana Gavrilenko.

It is known that on the eve of the irreparable, the dead girl’s parents went to Odessa – they worked the night shift.

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It is also known that the girl in the evening went to visit his girlfriend. Further events unfolded chaotically and tragically: uncle threw himself with a knife, and while one ran to summon help, the other “gotcha” in the hands of the murderer.

Молодую певицу застрелили прямо на сцене: «отказалась подыграть толстосуму»

44-year-old suspect several times with a knife in the neck, killed his 13-year-old niece.

As report in local police, at first the main suspect was in hospital under police escort. Immediately after the murder chief suspect has cut his veins. There he told the police about the voices “led him to the murder.”

Earlier it was reported that in Kramatorsk the woman in the middle of the night get kicked out 6-year-old son.

This was reported by the press service of the patrol police of Ukraine:

“The police received a report about the discovery of the child in Kramatorsk, the village of Krasnotorka. A bystander noticed the boy, who himself roamed the city at night, and called police for help,” — noted the police.

It is known that the child was wandering the city at night without clothing.

Recall, parents killed in front of children

As reported Politeka, Kharkov cops found the missing girl in a neighboring country.

Also Politeka wrote that in the Lviv region disappeared, the teenager raised the alarm.

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