The year of Yellow earth Dog: General horoscope for the year 2018

According to the Eastern calendar, the year 2018 will be held under the auspices of the Yellow earth Dog. The dog — beast calm, considered, loyal, cheerful, honest, loyal, not that active and pecking at the wrong time a Red Fiery Cock.

Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік

The new year, according to the astrologers, promises to be as smooth, stable, and prosperous in all spheres of activities, reports Rus.Media. Any drastic, especially unpleasant events should not happen. Just be on the alert — the owner does not like evil, greedy, cunning and dishonest people, so each sign will have to work hard to win her trust and goodwill, leaving wrought thoughts to yourself.

Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


Horoscope for 2018 says that the Arians are energetic, ambitious and temperamental people. In the year of Yellow earth Dog, this sign can expect to many wonders and adventures, especially if put his stubbornness away and will not pose as kings of the world. Only here in the new year this would be very problematic though, because the Dog itself will provoke Rams on recklessness. This applies to love and career. If you really want to achieve something in the new year, the Dog is strongly recommends you to be gentle, delicate, romantic. Get plenty of rest, because the energy for all will not be stored and one day can just burn out that promises serious health problems. Take care of yourself and remember that health can not buy for any money, so to overwork and to take on any projects at the expense of yourself is not the best idea in the year of the Dog.

Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


General horoscope for the year 2018 says that the Taurus, which worked hard in the year of the Fire Rooster year of the Dog Yellow you can collect the fruits of their work. This will work out literally everything and just enjoy life! A natural slowness and steadiness of Taurus in 2018 will only play into their hands, only to protect yourself from envious people — not brag about his plans and success, or evil people can jinx you. The environment of the Bulls can give them a “pig”, began to envy the success and advancement in career. In terms of love, Taureans will be all too perfectly — the year of the Dog promises them a lot of interesting romantic Dating, some really not very good and will bring some frustration, but others will be a great stage for a new life. Health problems are not expected, but maintain his good still have doing active physical exercise.

Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


Careless Twins enjoyed life in the year of red Rooster, nothing spoils their mood, except for a few minor difficulties that they fought hard. In the year of the Dog, everything will change, but do not panic — it’s not that serious. Excessive activity and impulsivity Twins can lead to the destruction of their plans, but the desire to do everything everywhere will complicate life, so prioritize and take for yourself on the forefront of really important questions, leaving then less serious. Along with the activity may be a manifestation of intolerance, so the immediate result is not necessary to wait — everything will come, but gradually. Horoscope for 2018 says that love should not demand from your partner all at once and make him share your interests, otherwise you’ll lose it. It is not excluded the change in family status: marriage or the birth of a child. In terms of career, the Twins have a Napoleonic plans, but weigh the risks, otherwise you can cool to frame or be drawn into an adventure that will not end very well. Special attention should be paid to health, particularly the liver and spine, so do not go for heavy physical work and do not make sudden movements.

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Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


The year of the Yellow Dog Cancers are predicting a busy life, many travels and a completely new experience. There will be new projects, friends, possible relationships. 2018 beneficial in order to realize their dreams, to achieve the previously set goals and not be afraid of adventures. Love horoscope for the year 2018 promise Cancers sudden meetings and a lot of romance. One of the Dating turn into a long term relationship for family creation. All can destroy Cancers excessive demands to the second half, so you should be patient and attentive. In terms of career, even if the Cancer will sit on the priest, all of his work — it is advanced forward stars. A year is not bad for change of a place of work and position, however, before such a step will need to think in cool head and not make rash acts. Health Cancers in 2018 will be stable, but there is a risk of overeating and a set of extra pounds, healthy food, physical activity, quitting bad habits will do the trick.

Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


Horoscope for all zodiac signs says temperamental and impulsive, the Lions will be the center of attention in almost all spheres of life, so it will experience the whole range of emotions — from hate to admiration. This sign won’t even have to try to get them to pay attention — all will happen by itself. The lions can use such a boon years, guiding others for themselves, forcing them to implement their ideas. Love horoscope promises the Lions to find their life partner, and it is really your life. But you have to learn to filter the underlings who want to cash in on the luck of the lions and to take a tidbit of a life partner. Career lions will be very good, especially if they work in the field or in a creative environment. Some representatives of this zodiac sign will want to open a business, despite the crises. Such a rich life may have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system, so you should take it easy and try not to overwork, combining moderate rest and light exercise.

Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


General horoscope for the year 2018, says careful and cautious Virgo in the year of the Rooster was able to achieve good results due to its main qualities. The Dog year will be no exception — good luck will accompany this sign in all endeavors. Only along with good qualities, 2018 promises Virgins a few negative — for example, jealousy of loved ones that does not Bode well. This quality should be overcome, not to quarrel with your loved ones because not everyone wants to live under control. To cope with jealousy, Virgo reached unprecedented heights in professional and personal life. On the love front, the representatives of this sign will not be very well — there is a possibility of divorce with his second mate, and free Virgo begin to sort out partners one by one. Family representatives of this sign are advised to pay attention to his wife(her husband) not to bring the relationship to divorce. In terms of career Virgins things will go very well — they will be significantly ahead in the development of their colleagues, may open his own business and earned good money. To support your health at a good level, the stars recommend Virgos to give up bad habits and increase physical activity. In the case of insomnia and problems with the cardiovascular system, be sure to consult your doctor.

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Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


The zodiac says that in 2018, in contrast to the 2017 will be favorable to the Scales. The dog will help to achieve financial success and realize his long-held plans. This year will be very eventful and fruitful in all spheres of activities. Love, career, health in these areas, Libra will have a essential success. Even unrequited love and the object of desire in 2018 will probably pay attention if a little tense. At work at the Weights too, everything will be fine, everything will go like clockwork, especially the fact that pre-planned out. Just remember that envy very much, so should keep their plans secret. In terms of health in the year of the Dog surprises are not expected for a full year Libra will be energetic, cheerful and active. Very strong immune system, so colds will be difficult to knock you down.

Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


In the year of the Dog stars recommend Scorpios to control myself, not hysteria on every occasion, to avoid the negativity and to channel its internal energy in the solution of practical problems. On the love front, the Scorpion is still not as smooth as I wanted to blame the unbridled jealousy who better to send to a loved one and the struggle with rivals in the work. Single Scorpios will be able to freely flirt to the right and left, not burdened with serious relationship, and just having fun. The business horoscope for 2018 says that in terms of career Dog favors to Scorpio, so there is a chance to obtain, and change jobs more prestigious, or at least get a raise. The active position of Scorpions good effect on the nervous system, but the vision is still better to check.

Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


General horoscope for all zodiac signs for 2018 says that Yellow earth Dog Shooters will take under his wing the first day of his reign, and will not allow them to get sick. However, the Archers because of their determination and inability to prioritize will be to take on too many tasks. They will certainly be very interesting, but to implement them all you still can’t, even if you get somewhere, the flywheel of time. To really achieve something meaningful and to perform their tasks well, have to give up small targets. In 2018 Sagittarians are prone to the romantic mood, just do not rush to a whirlpool with a head. Weigh the pros and cons, prioritize and select for themselves the most successful relationship. The horoscope recommends that you not immediately rush to do things at work — is helpful to plan everything. Sagittarians may encounter a wild desire to be free, but it will have a negative impact on your career, so do not take hasty decisions. In terms of health should pay special attention to possible injuries — be careful, avoid sudden movements, watch your step and watch the posture.

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Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


Capricorn Dog in 2018, will give positive emotions and professional development. You will have many brilliant ideas that just need to be implemented. Natural prudence to direct energy in the right direction, to the solution of practical problems. In practical Capricorn in 2018 will be a very romantic mood: family representatives of the sign will make the relationship with the second half notes of soft, loose will be looking for amorous adventures. The work will be a new experience, which will contribute to the promotion, except that Capricorns it will be not so important, because they will discover the other side of life — diverse, fun, interesting. You will travel more often, meet with friends, seek entertainment and definitely not to sit at home. Health Capricorns in the year of the Dog, they also are not fail — the risk of diseases is very low, so you can live life to the fullest, nor in denying themselves nothing.

Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


Astrological forecast for 2018 says that the Chairman of Aquarius will be full of ideas, but little success can be achieved in science, or art. Even those representatives of this sign who are not used to bring the case to the end decide after all to finish and to receive a special award. Aquarius needs to follow the words, because “anything you say can be used against you!”. In matters amorous, the probability of fleeting feelings, but do not rush to quit your previous relationship and get involved in new. Especially it is not necessary to have Affairs on the side and lie to your other half. Don’t miss a moment of realization of new projects, to expand their creative side, show business acumen, and then you will achieve success in professional matters. Health of Aquarians will not fail: the sexual energy will be improved, the immune system fails, disease does not threaten, so sleep well, even if you are very paranoid man.

Рік Жовтої Земляної Собаки: загальний гороскоп на 2018 рік


Yellow earth Dog 2018 will give the Fish a chance to implement their plans, only to swim against the current is not necessary — select the most convenient method. In the New year, Pisces will find my soulmate and finally be happy. Relationship with him will develop very harmonious. Busy Fish may be drawn into adultery for the sake of new experiences, but do not succumb to the fleeting sense of desire to experiment is not that sphere of activity. Professionally will have to exercise the ordinary skill and cunning to move forward. Just don’t load on too much work and responsibilities, some of them can be passed on to colleagues. Health horoscope Pisces advises to be careful with the spine and joints. Are useful fitness classes and yoga.

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