The world population is approaching 8 billion

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 World population is approaching 8 billion

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The world's population is approaching the eight billion mark. This is stated in the material of the Wall Street Journal. According to the UN, this mark can be reached as early as November 15th. Experts believe that the demographic problem of the Earth will not be population growth, but in sparsely populated countries, aging and a shrinking workforce. "There are two big questions. First, how quickly fertility will fall in Africa. Another question – China and countries with very low fertility, will they raise it and how quickly,” said Austrian demographer Wolfgang Lutz of the Wittgenstein Center. Fertility is projected to increase in 50 countries between 2022 and 2030. The peak will be in China. By the 2050s, the UN predicts an increase in the world's population to the mark of 10 billion people.

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