The world-famous Museum is bursting at the seams: “there Will be catastrophe”

Знаменитый на весь мир музей трещит по швам: «Будет катастрофа»

Museum workers save masterpieces as I can

Famous Russian Museum in St. Petersburg (Russia) has long been in need of repair.

The Museum staff had complained that after the rain or the snow begins to melt, they are all fills from the ceiling. Administration about the problem knows that the finger somehow doesn’t want to hit.

Знаменитый на весь мир музей трещит по швам: «Будет катастрофа»

Workers trying to save the rarities. For example, the ancient unique icon covered with polyethylene to ensure that they are not dripping water and not poured plaster. But this, experts say, is very harmful for the safety of exhibits.

The Museum hints that the interior will be renovated, but the staff from this in horror: “we all will be a disaster if you start the repair… They don’t know what will be even worse than now.”

Employees say that the world-famous Museum put buckets and pots to collect the flowing from the ceiling the water.

As previously reported, Kyiv was included in the prestigious world TOP 10 and is highly recommended to visit experts.

The capital of Ukraine took sixth place in the ranking of the most snowy cities in Europe and the most beautiful and spectacular for tourists.

Знаменитый на весь мир музей трещит по швам: «Будет катастрофа»

“The Ukrainian capital on the banks of the Dnieper river is an architectural gem that really shines under a white cover of snow. An average of 13 days of snow per month from December to March, this town occupies the sixth place,” — according to foreign experts.

They also reported that Kiev cheap for tourists and there are where to go and what to see.

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“Kiev in the snow to open when a long winter walk. The most important historical monuments of the city belongs to the Kiev-caves monastery, Pecherska Lavra, St. Sophia Cathedral, which has 13 green and gold domes reflecting the rays of the winter sun” — lists the experts .

Lunch recommended “Ukrainian hot dog” — “Kiev perepichka”, and then you can stroll the banks of the Dnieper river, which freezes over and you can carefully cross on foot.

Also, history buffs are invited to visit the national Museum of Chernobyl.

Recall that in the Kiev Museum found the missing marble giant.

As reported Politeka, the Museum of Bulgakov mysteriously disappeared.

Politeka also wrote that the visit to the toy Museum turned bloody stabbing

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