The woman was videotaped as she was killed

And it’s not a documentary staging. Life, as always, was much stronger movie.

Жінка зняла на відео, як її вбили

Brazil is, unfortunately, not only the warm ocean, tender sun, warm carnivals and competitions of luxury women’s buttocks, but also the favelas, a powerful drug trafficking to Europe and the rampant crime of all kinds, reports Rus.Media. The residents of crime areas a gun in my pocket more often you meet, than a comb.

Villennes Matais of Santana di Cataguases, 22-year-old mother of three (it’s Brazil!) kids, would dearly love to on that fateful day, September 23, when they were a powerful argument, in his breast would brush hair, or at least overlooked the comb. But the woman is very unlucky.

Snapper began on what was worth shouting at him, accusing that she spreads rumors about him and his business, and so ruskipedia that lost his head, took from his belt a pistol and shot twice in the head miserable. Following this, the killer approached the wounded man and promised her: “You are a demon and you go to hell!” — and then ran away. The woman was taken to hospital, but the medicine was powerless. The police was stronger medicine: neighbor arrested.

We’ll tell you what happened with such confidence because there is compelling evidence: Villennes had been filming the altercation on video to show my husband and convince him of the aggressiveness of the neighbour. And look how it turned out…

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