The woman received a response to my letter in a bottle 45 years later. Video

Женщина получила ответ на свое письмо в бутылке 45 лет спустя. Видео

American wrote a letter when she was 11 years old and forgot about it.

The American received a response to a children’s letter in the bottle after 45 years. It is reported online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

A resident of Michigan Tina green-Allera at 11 years of age visited their grandparents in old mission. There’s a little girl wrote a letter, put it in a bottle and threw it into lake Michigan on 29 August 1974.

45 years later after this event, green Allaire received a message from a stranger on Facebook. It turned out that the man named Eric Amon found a bottle with a letter when I was working at the lighthouse.

Footage of the deadly crash of a pleasure boat in Budapest. Video

Green Aller Amon and consider themselves friends and plan to meet to record a joint podcast about this story.

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