The winner of “Dancing with the stars,” has responded to rumors about the “affair” with Ostapchuk

Победительница “Танцев со звездами” отреагировала на слухи о “романе” с Остапчуком

The winner of “Dancing with the stars,” has responded to rumors about the “affair” with Ostapchuk
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The actress has no relations with a colleague on the show.

Actress Ksenia Mishina, which after the finale of “Dancing with the stars” has denied the rumors about the novel by Vladimir Ostapchuk. The actress admitted that at the end of the project plunged into the work, and does not support relations with colleagues at the show.

– Utter false information, it is unclear what invented. All this time I am in Ukraine and work on their projects. No connection and communication between me and Vladimir Ostapchuk no, – said Mishin news magazine “Caravan of stories”.

“KP in Ukraine” tried to contact the presenter to comment, but no reply received.

Rumors about the affair Mishina and Ostapchuk appeared at the weekend. The reason for this was the review subscribers will in the pages of Ukrainian mass media in Instagram. The girl claims that he saw the TV host along with actress in Vienna on November 27.

“Ask the following program Ostapchuk, what he did with Misha’s in the centre of Vienna on Wednesday! – wrote one of podeschi in the comments. – I saw them in one of the shops at the entrance he kissed her neck,” wrote in the comments podistica.

While participating in “Dancing with the stars”, the producers of the show attributed Mishina an affair with her partner Zhenya Cat. But in an interview with “KP in Ukraine”, the actress also denied the rumors.

– Zhenya is a very attractive man. Of course, there is one “but” on his finger, and “but” very serious , – said Xenia.

The actress herself has a son Plato from a previous relationship.

Vladimir Ostapchuk more than 12 years was married with Elena Voychenko. The pair met while studying at Uman University in 2002, and 5 years later got married. In October 2019, the wife filed for divorce, which was initiated by the presenter. The pair will have to divide not only property but also custody of their two children – 6-year-old Emilia and her son, Evan Alexander.

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Ksenia Mishina on the victory in “dancing with the stars”: Zhenya and believe in our couple

In an interview with “KP” in Ukraine, the actress admitted that on the show results, all was as in a fog.

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