The wife of the mayor of Carmel is suspected of blackmail and threats

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 Carmel mayor's wife suspected of blackmail and threats

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Suzie Koninski, the wife of the mayor of Carmel, is under investigation for blackmailing a local businessman with threats to dissuade him from participating in local elections, where he will become her husband's opponent and rival, Israeli media reported on Monday.< br />
Koninski is suspected of hiring a private detective to obtain incriminating photographs of a businessman planning to run for mayor of Carmel. The suspect used these photographs to threaten and blackmail.

The compromising photos show the businessman sitting in a foreign casino, hugging and kissing women. After showing photos to her husband's opponent, Koninski threatened that if he did not stop his activities and participation in local politics and withdraw his candidacy for mayor, she would send the photos to his wife.

Later, according to police , the threat was indeed carried out, and the photographs were also sent to MK Eli Cohen (Likud), with whom the businessman maintains a close relationship.

Koninski was detained for questioning along with three other suspects two weeks ago Fraud Investigation Unit Lahav 422. Among the suspects are two retired senior police officers.

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