The well-being of employees, a new priority

Le bien-être des employés, une nouvelle priorité

The companies and organizations that develop effective policies in the field of health and safety at work, with a particular attention to the well-being of employees, are likely to pull their pin of the game in a context of shortage of labour, as is the case at this time.

Representatives of businesses, government agencies, and the CNESST participated on Friday at the 34th symposium health and safety of the work of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean-Chibougamau-Chapais. The colloquium held under the theme ” prevention, I have been part of “. A theme is inclusive, which calls on workers to play a central role to protect their health and safety on the workplace.

The regional director of the CNESST, Violaine Lavoie, believes that a fundamental change is underway in the basin of the workforce. “The young people give greater importance to the well-being of the workplace. Definitely, businesses that are concerned about this aspect are likely to attract and retain new employees. “

The tradition wants that the organizers of the symposium dealt with a multitude of facets regarding the various problems experienced in the workplace. Specific issues take, however, the top and dominate for a number of years.

The co-chair of the symposium, Harold Bherer, in the company of Sabrina Salesse, describes the entire dynamics surrounding the management of change has become a major concern in companies and organizations. The transformations in work environments exert a pressure on the workers. According to the co, it is crucial that workers become important actors of these transformations.

The organizers had planned a conference with Sebastien Sasseville called the Everest to the Sahara, change and agility in business. Basically, this man out of the ordinary demonstrates that it is possible by the action of turning adversity into opportunity. He himself followed this rule after having received a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, the most severe for this disease.

The list of conferences and workshops confirms the interest of specialists in the field to everything that concerns the human in organizations. It is a question of psychological health in the workplace, civility, time management, stress and resilience.

For the organizers, the conference will allow participants to familiarize themselves with the issues of health and safety, and especially to leave at the end of the day with additional tools to intervene in the workplace.

The symposium also offers workshops on certain priorities. It was therefore a workshop on the falls. The regional director asserts that the broad-based campaign, which attracted the attention of the public to raise awareness of the construction industry falls, reached its objectives. A similar campaign was carried out for the machines that cut the materials and can seriously injure an operator.

Technological developments lead to new challenges for professionals in the field of health and safety. The head of the department of inspection and of prevention for the CNESST, Clement Munger, identified in the field of nanotechnology. Workers are increasingly in the presence of very small, with a potential risk for the latter. The head of service indicated that this concern is present for three or four years.

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