The weeping daughter of the Russian star said about death: “the Pope is not to be envied”

Рыдающая дочь российской звезды заявила о смерти: "Папе не позавидуешь"

Famous Russian model fans seemed in terrible condition and made a shocking statement

Ales Kafelnikov hinted that he no longer wants to live. She has published on the social network Instagram a frightening video. Soon celebrity has removed the video from the Stories, however, users managed to save it.

Currently the model rests in Bali together with your friends. Apparently the vacation didn’t go the Ales Kafelnikov good. Remote video it with sklypai wiping copious tears. Concerned fans have noticed a frightening phrase: “I want to die.” Such an inscription of Ales Kafelnikov added to the video before publishing.

Рыдающая дочь российской звезды заявила о смерти: "Папе не позавидуешь"

No less than shocked fans of the hands of a celebrity. On his right forearm Alesya Kafelnikov you may notice large wounds. It is not clear, she caused it to herself or accidentally injured. It is possible that 20-year-old model is thinking about suicide on the background of emotional experiences.

We can only guess about the reasons for a nervous breakdown Alesya Kafelnikov. Most recently, she was posted on the personal page of fotografie from vacation. The model showed how walked, rode a bike and swam in the ocean. While the girl remains silent and in no hurry to explain his actions. Latest post appeared on her page two days ago.

Рыдающая дочь российской звезды заявила о смерти: "Папе не позавидуешь"

Very likely, she still worries about the breakup with rapper Pharaoh (Gleb Golubin). Previously, the model repeatedly spoke and wrote about surviving the feelings. It is also possible that Ales Kafelnikov “unleashed” again and started doing drugs.

In social networks users started to sympathize with the father Alesya — the famous Russian tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov. Commentators noted that the Pope “does not envy”.

Previously, the daughter of the famous Russian tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov was involved in an intimate photo shoot. 19-year-old model posted to Instagram a photo where she is sitting just in the same boots.

Pictures from the photo shoot caused a strong reaction from users of the Network. Many felt that the girl increased her chest, as her size is clearly different from the one that was a few months ago. In addition, many fans condemned Ales Kafelnikov for excessive frankness in front of the camera

Recall that the Ukrainian Kardashian disgraced on camera. In social networks Alain’s Omovich ridiculed for plastic surgery and intense makeup, comparing a girl to a toad.

As reported Politeka, the groom threw the diseased cancer model from the UK a week before the wedding. Emily Nicholson believes that the fiance ruined her appearance.

Also Politeka wrote that famous model impressed the fans of spicy photo shoot.