The website of the Ministry of defense “put” hackers

The Ministry to urgently restore the site.

Сайт Міністерства оборони "поклали" хакери


The website of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine is now unavailable to users. As reported in the press service of the MOU, the site is unavailable due to cyber attacks, reports Rus.Media.

Other details not yet reported.

The search continues for the organizers of a series of hacking attacks on the resources of the State Treasury and the Ministry of Finance, which took place earlier this month and could result in year-end payment chaos. In the apparatus of the security Service of Ukraine claim that was used in the attack of malicious tool is the same as during last year’s incident in which hundreds of thousands of homes in Ivano-Frankivsk region remain without electricity, in which he accused Russia.

Recall, December 6, hackers broke into the website of the State Treasury service of Ukraine. Instead of a page of the Treasury was forwarding to another site. In addition, do not load the website of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

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