The war between Russia and Ukraine: everything is achieved by the power of prayer

 War between Russia and Ukraine: everything is achieved by the power of prayer

I am deeply concerned about the war between Russia and Ukraine. I have many students and friends in both countries, and I am very worried about them. Many of my students in Israel are also watching with concern. They are very worried about the fate of their relatives living in Ukraine and Russia.

My students for me — these are my children. I feel how the aggravated situation between Russia and Ukraine affects them and the whole world, and this makes me restless. And I only hope that the outbreak of hostilities will not lead to an all-out and then very bloody war.

Russians and Ukrainians have long lived side by side, they have a lot in common and they have experienced a lot together. And it pains me to see that irreconcilable hatred has flared up between these two peoples. The war that began between Russia and Ukraine, — more than just taking over territory. This is a war for power and upholding one's own dignity.

All this is a consequence of the manifestation of selfishness that exists in every nation and has grown today to such an extent that it requires satisfaction even at the expense of bloodshed. And therefore, if the desire to win at all costs and assert their power prevails in these peoples, we will see how this war will become the beginning of many large and small wars between different peoples.

After all, if countries that are close to each other cannot come to an agreement and start a war, then countries that are in long-term conflicts will start unleashing wars even without an external reason.

If it were possible, I would direct all my efforts to prevent aggravation and reach an agreement. But today, Pandora's box is already open, and when a huge stone is rushing down the mountain, there is little that can be done. It is possible to call on the parties to a ceasefire, to show restraint and prudence. Bury the hatchet and smoke the pipe of peace.

But the only right decision in this situation — rise above our selfishness, which makes us start wars. And pray for it with the whole world. So that the parties can overcome differences and come to a real, cordial agreement. Because only in the union of hearts is manifested a huge good power, the Higher power, and covers all sins with love.

my teacher RABASH wrote: “When I look at society as a whole, I see the suffering of an individual, the illnesses and pain caused to him by society, that is, wars between peoples. And apart from prayer, I have nothing to give.

And we, too, all together must lift up a prayer to the Higher Power so that it gives us reason to understand that nothing can be achieved by war. Gave strength to rise above hatred and get closer to each other, to feel like one family. Reveal that in fact we are all — one soul.

Dr. Michael Laitman,
founder and head of the International Academy of Kabbalah (IAC)

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