The Volkswagen group is discussing the concept of the “electric Beetle”

Herbert Diss (Herbert Diess), Chairman of the Board of Volkswagen, confirmed the information that the company is considering the possibility of creating a fully electric version of its iconic car model Beetle (“beetle”).

About Volkswagen Beetle, you may receive an electric version, we are told at the beginning of the current year. Then the possibility of creating an electrical “Bug” told the chief designer of the German company Klaus Bischoff (Klaus Bischoff).

And now Mr. Diss reported that an electric version of the Beetle will be one of the concepts that will be presented to the Board of Volkswagen in the near future.

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It is noted that in case of approval of the electrical design of “beetle” in its configuration is close to the original version of the car. We are talking about using rear-wheel drive with a rear motor.

The series will form proprietary platform VW’s Modular Electric Drive (MEB). It allows you to create machine configuration required — drive front, rear or all-wheel drive. Thus, in the future, the Beetle can appear a variety of options, including all-wheel drive.

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The electrical design of the “Bug” can become part of the Volkswagen strategy to transform the brand into a leading manufacturer of electric cars. By 2025 the lineup Volkswagen will include 23 fully electric car.

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