The volcanic activity of Mars and Earth has a lot in common


Вулканічна активність Марса і Землі має багато спільного

Scientists say that the volcanic activity of Earth and Mars has a lot in common, reports Rus.Media. Such conclusions were made by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which was filmed the Athabasca valley, which is located in the Equatorial part of the planet.

In the pictures the team was able to see the formation of round shape, reminiscent of lava flows that occur on our Land. Across the Athabasca valley were located on these streams. Scientists claim that they occurred as a result of volcanic activity, which caused tectonic plates to move in different directions with great speed and completely different direction. This provokes stress in the volcanic lava, and it, in turn, leads to the formation of waves on the surface of Mars. Part of this voltage leads to the appearance of craters.

On Earth, similar phenomena occur in the Hawaiian Islands and in places where volcanic activity occurs under water.

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