The voice 10: Vladimir Ostapchuk hard “roasted” the judges of project

Голос країни 10: Володимир Остапчук жорстко "прожарив" суддів проєкту

Volodymy Ostapchuk on the Voice of the country
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Known Ukrainian TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk suddenly appeared on the stage of the vocal talent show the Voice 10. To impress the judges and viewers he decided my little hobby is an American hip-hop.

The new season of the voice of the country was again struck by unexpected participants. In the fourth edition of the show the audience was surprised by his appearance on the scene of Vladimir Ostapchuk. Presenter and participant in last season’s “Dancing with the stars” read the rap.

First, until an unexpected guest turned Tina Karol. The singer immediately jumped up and started dancing along with Ostapchuk. At this time, Potap and MONATIK continued to wonder whether the project came in well-known TV presenter. In the end, the red button is also pressed MONATIK and Potap with Nastya, but at the end of their performance the audience and the judges recognized that to stay on the project lead is not intended. Ostapchuk came on stage just to calm the situation, and even read from the stage some author’s jokes, who dedicated show the Voice 10 and its judges.

“Dan is the only representative of Moldova, who goes to work in the EU and Ukraine”, – petroleu Ostapchuk judge the show. But Monaco went for his low growth. Watch the full video of the speech of the presenter:

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