The Viktyuk Theater was closed in Moscow. The building was given over to the military registration and enlistment office

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 The Viktyuk theater was closed in Moscow. The building was given over to the military enlistment office

The well-known Russian journalist Ksenia Larina reported in the Facebook community that the famous Moscow Viktyuk Theater is being given over to the military registration and enlistment office.

"Culture News. The Viktyuk Theater was closed and a military registration and enlistment office was made out of it. And this is not a joke, & ndash; wrote Xenia in the social network.

Fans, despite the blasphemous situation, try not to lose their sense of humor: “I generally think that this is how it should be with all theaters. In addition to the theater of the Soviet Army, where the military enlistment office and political officers are all the way”, “They will make a regimental toilet out of everything”, “It seems to me that commentators will soon not be able to find words for commenting”, “Lord, what a blessing that Roman Viktyuk did not live to see this terrible year!”, “Viktyuk is from Lvov. According to the concepts of Russia, he would have been a Nazi, and, apparently, he raised his actors in the same spirit: too independently and freely. Terrible”, “The main thing is that churches should not be turned into barns and stables now, we have already gone through all this.”

There is no information on the theater's website that it will be reformatted. According to some actors, half of the theater staff is ill, so it seems to have been quarantined.

Roman Viktyuk – famous director in Russia, who considered himself a Ukrainian artist all his life. Roman Grigoryevich was born and raised in Lvov. After graduation, he worked at the Lesya Ukrainka Theater. Then he went to Moscow, where he became a very respected director. He had his own theater and a huge apartment in the center of the Russian capital, which once belonged to Stalin's son. But Viktyuk has always been with Ukraine in his thoughts and heart. He often came to Lvov and Kyiv with performances and to visit his relatives. The artist – two sisters and a niece. And before his death, Viktyuk ordered to bury him in his homeland.

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