The video showed how the transport passes in Kiev

На відео показали, як працює транспорт за перепустками у Києві

March 23, public transport in Kiev admit only certain categories of citizens. Now, the right to drive to work only to have the doctors, secret service personnel and sellers of grocery stores. The network has shown how to control the boarding of passengers.

From today, March 23, Kyiv public transport carries only people with special passes and ID. On entering the salon the documents are checked by the police. If still no pass, you must present a document confirming the place of work. By the way, the passage remains paid.

So, in the Internet appeared the video, as this process takes place in real life. The video shows how the door to the bus and is a police officer checks the documents of the passengers. Note that all the people in masks, following this way of sanitation.

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