The victory of the hryvnia: the exchange rate of the dollar fell below the new level

Победа гривны: курс доллара опустился ниже новой отметки

The exchange rate in Ukraine on January 19, 2019: the hryvnia on the interbank market prevailed over the dollar

On Saturday the 19th of January are official rates of major foreign currencies by the national Bank of Ukraine set for Friday:

$ 100 – 2803.3609 hryvnia

100 Euro 3194.7101 hryvnia

10 Russian rubles – 4.2191 of the hryvnia.

According to data on the regulator’s website, the dollar in Ukraine on January 19, is 28,03 UAH. The Euro exchange rate of the NBU on 19 January increased to 31.95 UAH. The Russian ruble rose against the hryvnia.

Recall that in the previous business day, January 17, acted in such currency exchange rate in Ukraine:

$ 100 – 2800.8502 hryvnia

100 Euro 3189.8883 hryvnia

10 Russian rubles – 4.1953 of the hryvnia.

Победа гривны: курс доллара опустился ниже новой отметки

The exchange rate in Ukraine of 19 January

On the Ukrainian interbank currency market on Friday 18 January, the currency continued to depreciate. Dollar to purchase fell by 7 kopecks in buying and 6 cents for sale, below $ 28 USD. The Euro fell to the end of the day on the interbank market with the purchase of 11 cents, at the sale — 10 cents.

Победа гривны: курс доллара опустился ниже новой отметки

Heart stopped a famous singer: “It’s a loss for the whole culture”
In the world

NBU via Matching bought on the interbank market over currency, about $ 10 million at a price 27.99 USD. On Friday, the national Bank of Ukraine has set the reference rate for the dollar at UAH 27,98, 5 cents lower than the previous banking day (Thursday 17 January, he made 28,0365 UAH).

By the end of trading on the interbank market, the dollar dropped to the level 27,92/of 27.96 UAH. The Euro against the end of the session fell to 31,76/31,81 UAH. The ruble fell to 0,4206/0,4214.

Победа гривны: курс доллара опустился ниже новой отметки

As reported, Ukraine’s Supreme court changed the rules of registration of the credit. Now we need to get spousal consent for the loan or transfer of property as collateral.

Moreover, the Grand chamber of the Supreme court of Ukraine decided that the borrower must provide a notarized authorization of all owners of the property at loan processing. Co-owners of the property are not the only people listed as owners on the deed, but and relatives. If, for example, housing was acquired during the marriage, then 50% of the apartments belongs to the wife even if she is not mentioned in the documents.

If the future of the borrower, there is no such permission, he shall issue a separate title to his portion and only then will be able to give property as collateral.

We will remind, the new tax cheat of the Ukrainians: “guests now have to pay”.

As reported Politeka, loan interest fell under the ban: the details of the fateful decision.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians were warned about the influx of counterfeiters: why check every bill.

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