The very equanimity: the boy from Russia became famous pokachevskoe on a swing during a fire

Сама невозмутимость: мальчик из России прославился, покачавшись на качелях во время пожара

A normal day in Russia.

The boy from the city of Noyabrsk in Russia, swinging on a swing next to a burning house, became popular on social networks because of their coolness and General grotesque what is happening, reports the with reference to

In the background several people look at a big fire in the same moment the boy in the foreground is swinging, almost oblivious to the burning house.

Some users in the comments considered this behavior a sign of indifference.

“It’s not even megasociety, it’s scary, full of insensitivity,” wrote one of gjkmpjdfntktq

However, many came to the defense of the child.

“What’s wrong with that?! I just today looked at the fire and then went to do business. That child looked up and went to swing. What was he supposed to do?” — said another commentator.

A movie with a boy also became popular on Twitter, where the child was declared a symbol of equanimity.

“Good boy with a strong mind. Will go far in our difficult time. In Russia it is very useful to stay calm,” said the commentators.

According to local media, the fire started in a fully settled home. During the fire design of the building partially collapsed, was also the threat of flame spread to the neighboring house, but firefighters were able to defend them.

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