The usual things that we cannot do in space

Звичні речі, які не можна робити у космосі

Life astronauts do without the usual things

The cosmonaut’s life is not so romantic as you may think. For example, the usual things that are available to us do not work in space. For example, just tea the astronauts can’t. Find out what else is not under the power of space travelers!

Tell you about the usual things that astronauts can’t do.

In open space without diapers not

It seems a strange rule at first glance, but only at first. It’s actually quite logical: in the normal state we understand that we need to visit the toilet, due to the gravity. In space, it is not, therefore, possible different situations. And to avoid trouble the astronauts simply forbidden to go into space without a diaper.

Звичні речі, які не можна робити у космосі

The diapers not only for children

Can’t drink carbonated water

The person on Earth is constantly a burp. This process we notice not always. But in space, gases are released along with the water, so it is possible to choke. Therefore, to avoid such a risk to drink sparkling water will not work. Prohibited.

Fail bun

In microgravity the bread crumbs start to fly everywhere. And this is very dangerous, because they are literally at any moment can get to you in the respiratory tract. To avoid such troubles from bread it was decided almost to give up. Astronauts get only a very tiny pellet that they do not bite, and eat completely.

Звичні речі, які не можна робити у космосі

Baking enjoy, too, will fail

Sleeping in bed

Lie after a long day in bed will not work without gravity you it just won’t hold. Therefore, astronauts sleep in special bags, standing, buckling himself. Saying get used to it for a long time.

To abandon physical activity

On Earth our body is affected by gravity. In addition, we are constantly tense, even simple walking is a load on the muscles. In space it is not there. Therefore, if you do not give muscles a constant load, not to keep them in good shape, in this case, they quickly atrophy. So we have every day strain. And still on the astronauts after returning to Earth waiting for rate adaptation.

To enjoy sunrises and sunsets

Not all the townsfolk immediately comes to mind, but the usual sunrises and sunsets either. Instead – working of led lights that simulate different times of day: morning, afternoon, evening. However, this part of life of many astronauts not surprising, because modern man in the street lives an active life under artificial light.

Звичні речі, які не можна робити у космосі

No admiring sunrises and sunsets

To eat correctly

The lack of the usual stress on the body leads to the fact that the human changes the level of needs in minerals, vitamins and other elements. The diet must be strictly balanced, any deviation can cause health problems. And one sick crew member is already in serious trouble for all. So the food here is very strictly regulated.

Do not use spirits

In space people due to the constant influx of blood to the head become more sensitive to smells. Even normal deodorant with a light and pleasant smell of the Earth would be perceived here as a serious attack. So any aromatization – banned.

Brewing tea or coffee

Of astronauts nobody mocks, depriving them of delicious drinks. Just boil water in space will not work. First, not enough pressure, so the boiling temperature is just 85 degrees Celsius. Second, the water layers don’t mix with each other. So, if heated in the open space of the liquid, it will be hot only in the place where it has an impact.

Звичні речі, які не можна робити у космосі

So easy to brew yourself a Cup of coffee will not work

Life in space is wonderful and intricate. However, it is so interesting that despite all the difficulties, many are still dreaming to get there. It is not surprising!

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