The use of this berry facilitates the pain in my knees

Употребление этой ягоды облегчает боль в коленях

5 reasons to eat grapes.

Grapes, the benefit of which is undeniable, now has a bad reputation. Nutritionists say that this product can remove from your diet if you want to lose weight. But scientific studies prove otherwise. Of course, get involved with grapes is not necessary, because all you need to know the measure. But to exclude it from your menu completely not worth it, writes the with reference to Cosmopolitan.

Grapes are rich in antioxidants
The grapes is a powerful natural antioxidant, it contains a wide spectrum of phytonutrients from carotenoids to polyphenols. Studies have shown that these phytonutrients help to prevent certain cancers and help maintain heart health. Among polyphenols, resveratrol is known that it inhibits the formation of free radicals that can cause cancer, dilation of blood vessels, easing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Please note: the content of antioxidants is highest in the seeds and peel. And another bonus — resveratrol is incredibly beneficial for the skin.

Resveratrol prevents the appearance of signs of aging and other skin problems. According to a study conducted by a team from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), resveratrol, in combination with the usual cure for acne (products with benzoilperoksida), fights bacteria causing acne.

Increases the efficiency of the brain
Some studies have shown that resveratrol from the grape helps to increase the blood flow to the brain, thus it can help to speed up mental reaction. So the grapes can be useful for those who suffer from brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. A study conducted by the University of Switzerland, have also shown that resveratrol helps to remove plaque and eliminates the damage caused by free radicals on brain cells.

The grapes useful for the knees
A study conducted by the University of Texas, found that daily consumption of grapes can help relieve pain in the knees, especially caused by the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Grapes are rich in antioxidants, most important and useful of which are polyphenols. They help to improve flexibility and joint mobility.

Has anti-inflammatory properties
It was found that grapes contain certain enzymes that have anti-inflammatory action in our body. Grapes improves the health of the cardiovascular system and helps in the recovery of other body functions.

Grapes are good for the eyes
It is proved that the grapes helps to preserve eye health from signaling changes at the cellular level to direct the fight against oxidative stress. The inclusion of grapes in the diet leads to lower levels of inflammatory proteins and higher quantities of protective proteins in the retina. The retina is the part of the eye that contains cells that react to light. So keep it health is very important.

Called optimal dose of sugar for a healthy person

In General, if you want to stay healthy and beautiful, never give up the grapes completely. If you eat it in moderation, harm to the figures will not. The average rate of grapes in a day without harm to the waist – 10-15 large berries.

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