The use of these drugs after a heart attack or stroke reduces the risk of death

Patients receiving statins after a heart attack or stroke, have almost 25% less likely to die prematurely, according to a study by American scientists. The higher the dose of medication, the lower the probability of recurrent health problems. The obtained results demonstrate convincing evidence that statins actually work in this connection should be issued to patients who suffered from a heart attack or stroke.

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Statins reduce the level of bad cholesterol, preventing the accumulation of fat deposits in the blood vessels. But many doctors and patients are concerned about their long-term damage associated with diabetes, severe muscle pain and memory problems. However, at that time the specialists underline that the benefits from the use of statins significantly outweighed the risks.

During the tests, the experts examined 62000 patients who have had a heart attack or a stroke between 1999 and 2013. It was found that people who were assigned statins immediately after a heart attack or stroke had a 25% lower probability of a second heart attack, a stroke or of early death compared with 34% risk for those who did not take statins. Patients who have been prescribed high dose of statins, the risk dropped to 21%.

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