The use of excessive violence: Blackburn-Laroche scoop of 12 months in prison

Excès de violence: Blackburn-Laroche écope de 12 mois de prison

The Jonquiérois Frédéric Blackburn-Laroche, 28 years old, has been punished with a sentence of 12 months in prison (less than one month of preventive detention) for having committed assault causing injury to two individuals in bars in Jonquière. He also pleaded guilty to numerous breaches of undertaking and two folders of supposition of person.

The episode of violence of the accused began on may 27. In a bar in the rue Saint-Dominique, he had taken a punch to the face of his victim. The images of the surveillance video clearly showed the accused taking a swing to hit the man that stood before him.

The victim of the assault needed 17 stitches, has suffered an abrasion to the cornea, and suffers from headaches. She feared for his safety and reprisal and fear for her family. The man said, still on his guard.

“You can see what a few seconds are caused as a aftermath on the victim. She was scared of losing the view, which is not your case, ” quipped the judge, Paul Guimond, of the Court of Québec.

Awaiting his trial for assault causing bodily injury, Blackburn-Laroche has come back on another victim on 12 August.

During an evening with friends, the client of Me Julien Boulianne is made to an individual by striking him also in the face. The accused was shocked, because the individual had attempted to make a “pass” to a friend.

“The justice system does you will forget, because the sentences are going to go to gradation. It is up to you to see if you want to make a career in prison or not. It looks at you, ” added the magistrate.

Blackburn-Laroche admitted the facts and was pleading guilty freely and voluntarily.

The judge Guimond has endorsed the suggestion common. He added that the accused would have interest to participate in the meetings of the groups Courage, and Guts stop. “I have a certainty, and that is that we have here a person of extreme violence,” continued the magistrate.

I Boulianne has tried to argue that his client was not as violent as it seems, because it is regarded as a good worker, always on time and that his entourage has never seen to make use of violence. At least, when he is not in drink.

“My client has already had eight months in prison for assault. Today, he finds himself at a crossroads, because if he comes to court, it will cost him more for the next time. But my client wants to move forward, ” concluded Me Julien Boulianne.

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