The US state Department published the new sanctions list of companies and organizations from Russia

The U.S. state Department released a list of 39 companies and organizations from Russia, who came under sanctions by Washington.

Держдеп США опублікував новий санкційний список компаній та організацій з РФ

The U.S. state Department issued a list of 39 Russian companies and companies subject to sanctions by Washington, reports Radio Liberty, reports Rus.Media.

Among them, in particular, the company “Almaz-Antey” concern “Kalashnikov”, the Federal security service (FSB), foreign intelligence Service (SVR) and Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff (GRU). The US state Department on 26 October gave Congress a list of persons and companies in respect of which introduces new sanctions because of their ties with the Russian military and intelligence agencies.

Press Secretary of the foreign Ministry Heather Nauert noted that this list will be unveiled in the coming days, but first, the state Department will allow American companies to complete cooperation with the defendants in the list that these companies could avoid sanctions violations.

The law on sanctions, which President Donald trump signed in August, is directed against military and intelligence services of Russia through their possible role in the effort to influence the presidential elections in 2016 in the United States. The law calls for the President to impose sanctions on any person or firm dealing with the Russian defence and intelligence.

The law also requires the administration to trump identified the individuals and groups associated with the defense and intelligence sectors of Russia, and provided this information to Congress before October 1. When the state Department has not adhered to this deadline, lawmakers have accused the administration of delaying the introduction of new sanctions.

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