The United States will supply humanitarian aid to Russia “hand over “Glory to Ukraine”

США будут поставлять гуманитарную помощь в Россию: «раздача за «Слава Украине»

In the next decade the Russians will need US, the Americans will supply Russia with humanitarian aid and in the Outlook on Russia disappointing

This opinion was recently expressed by the Russian opposition journalist Arkady Babchenko on radio “Echo of Moscow”, and the fragment of his speech published in Facebook:

“You will fry dog meat in barrels, and the good Americans will make a hand like this and say, “Again?”. And the fourth time will give you humanitarian aid and “Bush legs”. And to your countrymen, not ate them on the way, will need humanitarian convoy to protect the “Abrams”” And so on the third tank will be sitting an old, tired by the war correspondent. And “Glory to Ukraine” to give the American stew,” said he, answering the question of the journalist Alexey Golubev about the occupation of Russia by NATO troops. Moreover, Babchenko said that Putin “still 20 years on the throne will sit still.”

США будут поставлять гуманитарную помощь в Россию: «раздача за «Слава Украине»

And added about Ukrainians in the context of:

“But then… when Russia banned sex, when toilet paper goes on the sausage, and the priest in Russia will wipe the newspaper “Pravda”, then you will have something to talk. Somewhere in this area we will see you on Tver”.

Recall, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia should be punished for aggressive behavior on the world stage and failure to comply with international law.

“We need to make sure that the non-observance by Russia of international law and a violation of the rules-based order, which for decades was the basis for peace and security for all NATO allies, will have a price and consequences,” — said Stoltenberg.

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Recall also from the accounts of FBG (all-Ukrainian development Bank), which was the son of the former President Yanukovych, removed about 2 billion hryvnia.

США будут поставлять гуманитарную помощь в Россию: «раздача за «Слава Украине»

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the Pechersky district court withdrew the arrest from the accounts of businesses that could belong to Alexander Yanukovych. This refers to the company Aranet K, Kurdis N, Vector-Perspective, the Typicon And the Company asset management FBG-INVEST, melon 8, benefit-consult Di Souza and Lythrum.

We will remind, the Ukrainian President told on visit to Russia

As reported Politeka, Putin suffered a resounding defeat in Ukraine

Also Politeka told that my best friend Yanukovych is torn in Ukraine.

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