The Ukrainians were forbidden to buy meat from Europe: “the threat of a surprise”

Украинцам запретили покупать мясо из Европы: "опасный сюрприз"

The authorities of Ukraine blocked trade routes with the nearest neighbor in connection with the terrible disease

In one of the countries of the European Union has documented several cases of mad cow disease. The state foods and consumer service announced a temporary ban on the import into Ukraine of meat and animals that can carry plague. As reported by the press service of the Ministry.

A ban on the import of cattle products and raw materials for the Ukrainians since February 15. According to the decision of the Chief state veterinary inspector, meat cannot be imported from Poland. How many will not be able to buy Polish meat, is still unknown. Representatives of the office noted in Ukraine has not yet registered any case of mad cow disease among the animals.

Украинцам запретили покупать мясо из Европы: "опасный сюрприз"

But in Poland, the outbreak was recorded by the world organisation for animal health. For research of the disease called “subcategoria encephalopathy”. It affects cattle and sheep but can be transmitted to man. Medical experts warn that meat-lovers can catch dangerous surprise in the form of disease creuzfeld-Jakob. She threatens to dementia and even death.

Previously, scientists from Imperial College London and Exeter University warned humanity about the epidemic of an incurable disease that could destroy almost all life on the planet. According to researchers, in the near future death will bring refractory to treatment fungus.

Украинцам запретили покупать мясо из Европы: "опасный сюрприз"

Scientists claim that very soon the organisms can gain resistance to antibiotics by “superbugs”. After that anti-fungal medication will be useless in combating the threat. Now doctors only accelerate the catastrophe, assigning patients cure fungal stomatitis, athlete’s foot, dermatophyte and onychomycosis. Now fungal infections often kill people than breast cancer and malaria.

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We will remind, the terrible disease attacks: a deadly virus has broken a record in Ukraine.

As reported Politeka named diseases that remain a mystery even for scientists: it is better not to be sick.

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