The Ukrainians explained why he started the “invasion” of butterflies

Украинцам объяснили, почему началось «нашествие» бабочек

The country lies on the migration path.

An unusual invasion of beautiful butterflies for several days see not only Kiev, but also residents of Poltava. In social networks people share their photos and experiences, reports the with reference on the Facts.

“In the Lubensky area a lot of butterflies. Fly the clouds!” writes Faith yalovets’.

“Yesterday on the way to Mirgorod unrealistic a lot of butterflies flew across the road. Never in all my life seen so many,” adds Elena Bogush.

“Village of lower Bodakva lokhvitskiy district. Also flew with clouds on Saturday. We thought the plane was thrown to fight some pests,” wrote Maria Sinamic.

Butterfly pleased and residents of Hadiach district: colorful winged moths swarmed the bushes of Jasmine, poplar, roads and trails.

As explained in the Ministry of environment, the Ukrainians see is the seasonal migration of certopoloha (also called replicae, solncevosam burdock, certopoloha procridinae) is a diurnal butterfly of the Nymphalidae semesta. The Latin name of the butterfly Vanessa cardui.

Vanessa cardui — known migratory insects. More recently, these “migrants” were in North Africa, and now fly North to fall to be back in Africa. Scientists say that the speed of movement “of repaints” can reach 50 km/h, so during the day they can travel up to 500 km.

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Experts say that in the absence of sufficient number of familiar food — thistles and related weed — caterpillars repaints can harm cultivated plants. Probably, the reason for these butterflies complained agrarians of the southern regions allegedly hungry solntsevka burdock ate sunflowers and soybeans.

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