The Ukrainian star will be teaching at the University

Украинская звезда будет преподавать в университете

She never wanted to be a teacher.

Alain Shoptenko for many years pleases fans of his dancing talent. The famous choreographer has created a unique setting for a variety of projects, participates in popular television shows and she goes to the floor, delighting the audience with a spectacular PA.

Recently, however, Shoptenko received another interesting offer, which she accepted — she was offered to become a lecturer at the University.

“I never wanted to be a teacher. Even being an athlete, the prospect of becoming a trainer in ballroom dancing I’ve never been attracted! After my show, and with them the choreography, I realized that more than anything want to be a choreographer to create dance performances. Yes, of course, and this work is part of teaching, but it is not long and not systematic. So the teaching itself I never had any interest. But recently I was asked to become a teacher in Knook! In higher education, where students of the choreographic profession. It’s a big responsibility!”-shared Alain and noted that to make a decision about the teaching helped her students that she saw in his master class:

“I saw the burning eyes of the guys who listened to every word I say, asked incredibly interesting issues and carefully puffed over the difficult dance combination, which I came up with. They were so greedy for information, and their determination inspired me greatly! So I decided to accept the offer from Knook to become a lecturer at the Department of ballroom dance and to help the young choreographers to study our so beautiful and real craft. Looking forward to September.”

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