The Ukrainian said that the Russian military buried him alive

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 The Ukrainian said that the Russian military had buried him alive

Nikolai Kulichenko said that the Russian military buried him alive after beating and shooting his brothers Yevgeny and Dmitry. On that fateful day, March 18, Sister Irina was absent.

On the side of a remote road in northern Ukraine's Chernihiv region, Mykola showed the unmarked grave where he and his two brothers were buried three and a half weeks after the war began. He was the only survivor, writes CNN.

According to Nikolai, three soldiers told the brothers to kneel in the yard while they searched the house. According to Nikolai, when they found military medals that belonged to their grandfather and a military bag that belonged to 30-year-old Yevgeny, who was a paratrooper, the soldiers decided that they have something to hide.

According to him, Nikolai, Yevgeny and Dmitry were taken to the basement, where they were interrogated for three days. Nikolai hoped that they would be released, but on the fourth day, according to him, the mood of the Russians changed.

” “I was beaten with a metal bar all over my body and they put the muzzle of a gun in my mouth,” he said.

Together with his brothers, Nikolai was tortured until he lost consciousness. He says that they blindfolded them, tied their hands and feet with scotch tape and taken by car to a deserted piece of land. According to Nikolai, they were forced to kneel, blindfolded, while they were digging a hole.

First, he said, he heard a shot behind him, and 36-year-old Dmitry, the eldest of the three, fell to the ground. Then he felt Yevgeny, the youngest, fall next to him.

" I thought I was next,” he said. But the bullet hit Nikolai in the cheek and exited near his right ear. He knew that his only hope of survival was to play dead.

According to Nikolai, the soldiers threw the bodies of the brothers into the pit, covered them with earth and left. He cannot say how long he lay buried alive, only that, with his hands and feet tied, he somehow managed to get out from under the corpse of his older brother and get out.

“It was hard for me to breathe, since Dima was lying on top of me, but with my hands and knees I was able to push my older brother towards the pit, after which I got out,” the guy says.

In the dark, he wandered through the fields to the nearest house, where a woman took him to her and took care of him. Then he was able to return to his sister.

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